Stu Smith

"I absolutely love my Enertors, they've enabled me to recover so quickly and run pain free!"

Kacey Lane

"Right out the box are amazing. They have just the right amount of cushion with that support...Enertor puts a pep in your step"

Stephen Morris

"I never knew that something so simple as what's inside your shoe could be a huge factorin preventing aches, pains and injury. With every forceful pound to the ground, it takes the impact."


"I've never really been one to wear insoles but these are totally different. They have awesome shock absorption, the energy return is amazing it's very obvious on the long runs - I'm telling you they're making me faster! Highly recommend!"

Melissa Malani

"Enertor insoles helped me run my way to a Boston qualifier with no pain!

Utah Ricky

"Enertor has been a life-saver it's been amazing for me I catually thought I was going to have to give up running."