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Many people are trying to do more for the environment than ever before. Enertor are aware of the problems we face in the future and want to do our bit to help.


Our products are built to last but when it comes to disposal Enertor were concerned there where no recycling options. So we decided to start the first insole recycling scheme and introduce a circular economy in the insole market, with Enertor being the first company to stop the same amount of insoles (in kg) as we put onto the market.

Within 5 years the target is to stop 100% the amount of insoles going to landfill as we produce.


Here's how to get involved:

We encourage you to send your old insoles to Enertor, be they old running insoles or gel pads for your heels, we will make sure they don't pollute our environment. Instead they will be put to good use as a positive for our ever changing world.

Please send your insoles to us at the address below. Preferably in a re-used or recycled envelope / bag.

RSScan Lab Ltd/ENERTOR Recycling
46 Boss Hall Rd – Ground Floor
Boss Hall Business Park

Examples of where they end up

Our insoles could become anything from children's playgrounds to housing insulation. However, one example of the insoles being re-purposed is the 'wearable' insoles going to a charity called Forgotten Feet. The insoles will help homeless people every day, providing added comfort and protection.