Exercise videos for specific injuries

In our prehab exercises video series we outline the importance of doing regular strength and conditioning work to reduce the risk of injury. Each workout addresses common muscle imbalances and mobility issues for runners, aimed at providing a combined PREHAB solution to improve running and help you stay injury free together with Enertor insoles.

We have teamed up with movement and exercise specialist Gideon Remfry, to give you some strength and conditioning drills specifically aimed at helping conquer the most common injuries.

Gideon is an expert in this field; a movement specialist with over 25 years coaching experience; he was selected by Men’s Fitness on their ‘power list of the top 25 trainers in the world’.

Below you will find videos with exercises for the following injuries:

  1. Plantar fasciitis
  2. Shin splints
  3. More to be added soon

Exercise Resistance Bands

Exercises in the videos below use exercise bands to add resistance.

Start with the band with lowest resistance and build up through the different colours as you become stronger.


Plantar fasciitis

In the first of these videos we address Plantar Fasciitis (PF). One of the more common walking and running injuries, PF can be horribly difficult to get rid of if not addressed. Use the specific rehab exercises detailed in the video to bullet proof against or to rehab PF. For extra information go to our injury pages for some extra advice on dealing with this injury.

Strengthening and stretching the surrounding foot and ankle musculature and tissues may help address some of potential imbalances aggravating your injury. Try to do the exercises in the video daily whilst the injury is still acute, then revert to 3 x times per week to avoid the return of PF.

Always consult a medical professional prior to undertaking any new exercise regime.

Shin splints - Pre-Hab and or Rehab Circuit

The aim of the routine is to create strength, mobility and stability around the hip, knee and ankles surrounding muscle and fascial tissue. The exercises target common areas of tightness and weakness to support long term happy and healthy running. Aim for 3 circuits of the 3 exercises and find the band that challenges you for 12 repetitions while you can still keep good technique.

Exercise 1 Seated tibialis anterior band raise - 12 reps
Exercise 2 Seated Calf raise with static quad and ankle stretch on the alternate leg - 12 reps
Exercise 3 Calf raise and balance squats - 12 reps

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