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PX1 technology

There’s a reason why Enertor’s new PX1 shock absorbing technology is changing the future of the insole market

PX1 insole shock absobtion diagram PX1 insole shock absobtion diagram

In the world of sport, now more than ever, injury prevention is becoming crucial in helping to keep people active. Technology has improved in helmets, gum shields, and shin pads. However 90% of impact comes through your feet with little realisation of the damage this can do to the body.

The feedback from elite runners concluded that they wanted lighter insoles, more shock absorption, whilst having that all important protection from injury. After several years of development and over 20 years of knowledge in the insole industry, we have launched PX1 shock absorbing technology. This material technology is the first to be developed specifically for protecting feet and the body from the ground forces. See the following graph to compare against the leading insole competitor

PX1 vs Leading Competitor

PX1 compared with insole market leader PX1 compared with insole market leader small

Unique features of our PX1 insoles

PX1 technology diagram PX1 technology diagram

Want to feel the



" My patients are benefitting from the comfort and also protection from the shock absorbing qualities of PX1 material has. PX1 has revolutionised the industry given 2 x more shock attenuation than other materials. "

Emily Gooderham - NHS

" Nothing short of life-changing actually. Ever since the NRS, my calf pain has (touching wood) completely disappeared. You have a convert here, I’m telling everyone about them! "

Esther - Women’s Running

" I thought your original insoles were marvellous, these enabled me to do my job which I was struggling to do with another brand of insoles. I stumbled across your company on the internet, and I can honestly say, you’ve changed my life for the better!

Now I am wearing the PX1 insoles, I didn’t think things could get any better but they have, it’s just like walking on air, with the right amount of support, they are an absolute pleasure to wear. "

Suzanne Carter - Plantar fasciitis

" The new Enertor off the shelf device is entirely forward thinking in its design, from the historical perspective of supporting the arch this insole guides the foot to function in a safe and supported way by encouraging the foot to do the work. This design feature combined with the shock absorbing qualities of the PX1 material not only provides comfort but also protection from excessive load bearing activity. With podiatry leaning towards activating the musculature of the foot to work better this absolutely ticks all the boxes. Active control of the foot trumps physical support. "

Paul Donnelly - Senior