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Injury prevention videos for Runners

Maintaining strength and mobility are crucial for staying strong and keeping injuries at bay. Only this will allow consistent training and the results you want.

Enertor have teamed up with Gideon Remfy, a movement specialist, to provide you with a series of exercises. With regular repetition these exercise will make you stronger, more mobile and better able to accommodate the stresses on your body associated with high impact sports.

Gideon is an expert in this field; a movement specialist with over 25 years coaching experience; he was selected by Men’s Fitness on their ‘power list of the top 25 trainers in the world’.

In the videos below you will find:

  1. Warm up drills for runners
  2. Mobility drills for runners
  3. 'Prehab' exercises for runners

Exercise Resistance Bands

Exercises in the videos below use exercise bands to add resistance.

Start with the band with lowest resistance and build up through the different colours as you become stronger.


Warm up drills for runners

Warm up exercises are important for getting tendons and tissues mobilised and warm. Cold, tight tissues can result in injury.

These 3 exercises are designed to use for a pre run warm up. We recommend 1-3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise, prior to every run. (exercise 2, 12 reps each side, exercise 3, 12 reps total = 6 each side).

Exercise 1 - 12 reps
Exercise 2 - 12 step reps each side
Exercise 3 – 12 reps total = 6 each side

Mobility drills for runners

3 drills designed to build mobility and to support running recovery, and performance. These exercises target mobility in your hips, shoulders and back.

Complete 1-3 sets 3 times per week. These are best done before your run or exercise.

Exercise 1 Figure 4 hip mobility flow - 1 to 2 minutes each side
Exercise 2 Up, down and step through hip mobility flow - total 12 reps = 6 alternate drills each side
Exercise 3 Y chest, shoulder and back mobility flow - total 12 reps = 6 alternate drills each side

Prehab Exercises for Runners

3 exercises designed to reduce injury by building supportive strength and mobility.

Complete 1-3 sets 3 times a week, ideally after your run or exercise for the day.

Exercise 1Hip extension - 12 reps
Exercise 2 Side bridge with clam - 8 reps
Exercise 3 Split squat band row – 12 reps

Watch Exercises for Specific Injuries

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