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How to strengthen ankles

Do you sometimes wonder whether you’re just born with weak ankles? It might very well be, but this could also be a sign of an underlying condition and it doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever. Where does it come from? Weakness in ankles may be due to: Hypermobility or lack of stability in joints Bone conditions such as osteoarthritis Lack of strength in surrounding muscle groups – which can even be gluteal muscles Incorrect footwear including poor cushioning or protection Being overweight - which also stressed more your joints What are the risks of weak ankles? If you have weak ankles, you may have experienced one of the following: Sore ankles and feet Regular ankle sprains, fractures...

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5 tips to start trail running

Last week, we discussed all things UTMB and elite trail running. But you don’t need to be Killian Jornet or Tom Evans to head to trails. Here is how you can start. Just go off-road No one needs the Alps to start in trail running. While you might be running on the pavement around home, or lapping a track, trails might be closer than you think. Instead of running on a path in the park, go run in a field, on the beach or find a track. You’ll find tools like Strava Routes and All Trails to help you find the most-traveled trails. You can also go old school and get information from the local tourist information center. Even busy...

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Step into the trail scene with UTMB

This week starts the infamous UTMB race (Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc), gathering thousands of skilled trail runners in Chamonix. A good opportunity to understand more about this mythical race. UTMB 101: what is it? The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is one of the most expected and toughest trail-running events in the world and in Europe. The race takes place each year the last weekend of August between Italy, Switzerland and France. The main race is 171-km long, following the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc between the three countries, with a total elevation gain of 10,040m. It is known that runners have to face a very technical terrain, high altitude and changing weather conditions. While the elite pack...

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In the shoes of Olga Stignii, running 31km every day for 31 days

While some of us might be enjoying the recent UK sunshine, flying for summer vacations, or simply trying to find the coolest spot in the house (and a staycation in the weekends), Olga Stignii has planned a very different summer. On Monday 25th July, she started a challenge of running 31 kilometres every day for 31 days to commemorate the Ukrainian Independence. Born in the Ukraine and based in London, Olga is no stranger to long distance running and fitness. She wears many hats a day as a body transformation and running coach, personal trainer… and inspiring ultra-runner! How did she get caught herself in this new challenge? Why will she run a total no less than 961km? We caught...

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What happens when you get dehydrated

Feeling thirsty, fatigued, dizzy or even confused? We all know these can be symptoms of dehydration. But how much do we know about water and how important it is for daily maintenance? Take the test and find out! What is your score? Even if you've got 10/10, you might want to refill your cup. Read below some facts you might not know about hydration and what really happens if you don't. The basics According to the NHS, dehydration happens when your "body loses more fluids than you can take in". This deficiency of water in the body causes symptoms such as thirst, headaches, dark urine, dizziness for adults. It is often caused by excessive sweating, illness, fever and urination. In...

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