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How to get the most out of our annual sitewide sale

Goodbye 2022, hello 2023! As we are tiptoeing into 2023, Enertor is happy to bring back its yearly sale with an exclusive 20% off site wide. Yes, you heard it right, E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. But be aware, it is something you will only see once this year. For the occasion, we’re happy to share our tips for the New Year and how to get the most out of our annual site wide.

Fuel your New Year’s Resolutions

Have you taken New Year’s Resolutions you’re hoping to keep *this year*? Whether you’re aiming to hit 10,000 steps every day or running a parkrun every week or finally go to the gym to improve your training plan, you probably know that the first two months are going to be a real test on your motivation. It is no secret that it takes about 66 days to form a long-lasting habit.

So, if you’re looking to start out running, train more consistently or harder, make you give yourself the best chances to reach these 66 days – and more importantly the end of the year. One of the most common mistakes we see in the industry currently happens when runners start again, excited by the idea of New Year’s resolutions. The verdict usually appears soon enough: too much too soon. Our piece of advice? Build up mileage and intensity gradually and leave enough time for your body to adapt.

Additionally, we’re also advising to try to lessen any shock that your body will have to absorb. A very efficient way to do this is to wear shock-absorbing insoles. As an example, Enertor Running insoles offer up to 89% more shock absorption to reduce the impact to your feet, knees and hips. All you need to do is to slide them in your shoes, and you’re good to go out on a run.

“Enertor innersoles are absolute game changers! They've made a huge impact on my training, no more sore legs or feet! Treat your feet and get some” – Craig R.

Change the odds to an injury-free year

No, you don’t have to get injured in your running journey! Whether you’ve been injured in the past or you’re on a smooth journey, there is no guarantee that you’ll never get injured; and we well know how frustrating it is to swap your hopes and dreams to physiotherapy sessions. But you don’t have to get injured in 2023!

Our experts regularly share on the Enertor blog best practice tips to stay away from injury. If you’ve been injured or if you are injured as you’re reading this article, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to work out again – feel free to visit one of our FREE injury guides and start your recovery process.

But we’d like to share a secret to enjoy a pain and injury-free year: good insoles! Most shoe manufacturers don't pay attention to runners' feet. Running shoes might be carbon plated, help over or under pronation, and even provide comfort; but this doesn’t mean that they’ll protect your feet against impact on hard surfaces. As impact increases with poor protection, your feet, knees and hips will be prone to more injuries. An easy way to continue wear your favourite running shoes and reduce muscle fatigue is to wear insoles – especially these made from the PX1 technology.

PX1 technology offers superior shock-absorption, while remaining light and soft to maintain comfort. Met pad, cushioned arch support, slight raised heel, its features are designed to help both uninjured runners to avoid pain, and injured runners to help them recover faster.

Get complementary recovery tools

In the New Year, one of your resolutions might be to warm up and stretch more as part of exercising. This is a great idea, kudos! A good warm-up and cool down will help you reach your PBs, even if has nothing to do with your cadence and your splits during a run. On top of from helping you to avoid any strain from an excessive intensity too early, this is a great way to improve mobility and accelerate recovery. But recovery doesn’t stop there: we’ve all heard about these 2 liters of water a day, making sure you’re eating your veggies everyday, enough protein and carbs, sleep for 8 hours

But what about your feet? How do you care about them when they are not working out? Most of us will simply wear heels or office shoes – which, you can guess, doesn’t offer enough foot protection and comfort! You might not feel it at first, but it is not uncommon that these same shoes will impair your recovery, even if you’re doing your best on nutrition, hydration and sleep.

Our tip: treat yourself to walking insoles. This way, you can wear your favourite shoes and get out of your running gear, but still improve recovery. If you’re still unsure, Enertor Walking Insoles have been adopted by many professionals, who, for many, work on their feet all day and need this extra layer to avoid any foot pain from standing for too long.

Our tips to make the most out of the sale

You’ve heard it, insoles might just be a magic trick to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. But where to go? How to get some? Enertor got you covered with an exclusive 20% off sitewide – and believe me, it only happens once a year. Here are the best ways to kickstart a pain and injury-free journey at an affordable cost.

Option 1: Try out the Enertor insoles – our insoles have a 60-day money back guarantee policy (even if we believe you’ll love them). This means that you can try out your insoles (please do it gradually so that your feet get accustomed to the insoles). Love them or return them to get your money back if you’re not happy.

Option 2: Get a subscription – our insoles are long-lasting but it is best to replace them every six months to ensure that shock-absorption remains optimal. You don't want to a set a reminder every six months or try to remember the last time you changed them? Buy one of our insoles subscriptions (plus, you’ll be able to save!) and just check your mailbox for the next delivery.

Option 3: Bulk buy – one of the most common feedback we get from returning clients is that they had to order again and again to fit a pair of insoles in all their pairs of shoes – no one likes to swap insoles between shoes when you’re in a rush. With 20% off insoles, think about purchasing more than one pair here. Perk one: you won’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten your insoles on another pair; perk two: you’ll save up to £20 doing so.

So, don’t miss out and get the right routine, habits and tools for an injury and pain-free year. With this, you’ll be in your best shape to smash your Personal Best, complete your first marathon and realise many more bucket-list items.