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In the shoes of Olga Stignii, running 31km every day for 31 days

While some of us might be enjoying the recent UK sunshine, flying for summer vacations, or simply trying to find the coolest spot in the house (and a staycation in the weekends), Olga Stignii has planned a very different summer. On Monday 25th July, she started a challenge of running 31 kilometres every day for 31 days to commemorate the Ukrainian Independence. Born in the Ukraine and based in London, Olga is no stranger to long distance running and fitness. She wears many hats a day as a body transformation and running coach, personal trainer… and inspiring ultra-runner! How did she get caught herself in this new challenge? Why will she run a total no less than 961km? We caught...

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What happens when you get dehydrated

Feeling thirsty, fatigued, dizzy or even confused? We all know these can be symptoms of dehydration. But how much do we know about water and how important it is for daily maintenance? Take the test and find out! What is your score? Even if you've got 10/10, you might want to refill your cup. Read below some facts you might not know about hydration and what really happens if you don't. The basics According to the NHS, dehydration happens when your "body loses more fluids than you can take in". This deficiency of water in the body causes symptoms such as thirst, headaches, dark urine, dizziness for adults. It is often caused by excessive sweating, illness, fever and urination. In...

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Exercises to bulletproof your ankles

Do you often get sore ankles? Do you get sprains regularly? Weak ankles don't have to be a permanent condition. Understand how you can strengthen them and avoid them happening again in this latest blog. Single-leg balance Single leg exercises are a fantastic way to both strengthen your ankles and improve your balancing skills. Start with some single-leg balances: stand up, lift a knee to a 90-degree angle and hold for 30 seconds. Don't forget about switching to the other leg and repeat this a couple of times. If you feel like you're wobbling, find a still point in front of you to look at and focus on. If you'd like to progress this exercise, you can add a kettlebell...

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Discover the most iconic trail races (Part 1)

They are iconic, make the most experienced athletes dream, and offer a challenge most might not even consider. Desert, canyon, mountain... discover the most iconic trail races in the world. Western States Endurance Run Meet the world's oldest 100-mile trail running race. Considered one of the most grueling endurance races in the world, Western States starts in Squaw Valley in California, to end in Auburn. Why is it so famous? Originally, the Western States race was very different. Athletes who wished to compete had to race it on the back of a horse. In 1974, Gordy Ainsleigh attempted to run it instead (and under 24 hours!). It is only in 1977 that the first official race took place, and only 3...

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6 Tips for summer running

Longer days, early sunrise, warmer days and ice cream trucks… There is a lot to love about summer running, but it might also be a tough season for other fellow runners. Here are a few tips and ideas on how you can make the most of this season. Go out at the ‘right’ time During the winter, most of us complain to be jogging in the dark. Morning, evening… in December, there is no such a big difference; we carry headtorches and run in well-lightened parks and multiply the layers. You’re lucky! Summer is nothing alike, but it might bring its share of conditions too. When it is 30 degrees outside, it might be more difficult to get out at...

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