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Ballot results revealed: what to do next?

You’ve waited for this for months (and have probably refreshed your inbox every minute since you woke up this morning). The ballot results are finally out. Are you part of the lucky group? Or did the email bring an additional disappointment? Don’t worry, whatever the answer, your running journey is still in front of you. Congrats! You’ve been selected! You’re one of the lucky ones and most likely feel over the moon now (and you can). Celebrate, share it with your friends and family… You’ll be racing your dream race this year! Coaching, training plan, and timeline? First things first, before you think about anything else, consider timing and question yourself: how do you want to approach it? Depending on...

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Dog walking - daily pleasure or another thing to add to an already busy day?

We’ve all been there – we love our dogs but when the ‘to-do’ list seems overwhelming there can be days when a dog walk can become just another chore. On these occasions, how can we make dog walks more enjoyable, and a win-win.  Using the time well : Learn something new – Most people give their dogs two walks a day of between 25 and 60 minutes. This can be a great time to learn something new whilst getting fresh air and exercise.  How about listening to a podcast, learning a language or listening to an audio book? Clear your mind – some time out of the rush of daily life can be incredibly therapeutic. Take time to notice the...

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Prepare well, ski happy

Most people who ski are only able to go for one week, once a year or every few years.  With so little time on the slopes we really want to arrive feeling strong enough and fit enough that we don’t have to hobble to the lifts on stiff legs from day 2, or stop gasping for a breather at the bottom of every run. How can we build fitness before our holiday as well as reduce our risk on injury on the slopes? To ski longer, harder and safer we need good endurance (cardiovascular fitness), strength (particularly core and legs) and flexibility. 1. Endurance - cardiovascular fitness – try to run or walk at least 2-3 times a week for...

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