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Plantar fasciitis Vs plantar fasciopathy

Tomayto, tomahto; plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciopathy. For century’s terms such as gonorrhoeal heel, Policeman’s heel, jogger’s heel, plantar fasciitis and plantar fasciopathy have all been used interchangeably to describe pain under the heel. This reflects the evolving nature of our understanding of this condition.  Plantar fasciitis is often used as an umbrella term for heel pain issues but it’s not always technically accurate. Plantar fasciopathy is a more appropriate, modern terminology. What’s the difference? Plantar fasciitis refers to inflammation of the plantar fascia (‘itis’ in medicine means inflammation). Plantar fasciopathy is the overarching term for the condition, where plantar fasciosis refers to a phase in the condition when ligament tissues break down. (Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the fascia) may occur...

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Kit list for your marathon

You’ve put months of hard training into preparing for a marathon and you’re just a few days away from stepping up to the starting line. You want to ensure everything is in place to help you breeze the 26.2 miles in record time. Just as important as your training regime is what you pack into your bag on the day of the race itself. Here’s our essential guide on what you need to bring with you.  Running shoes and insoles It sounds obvious, but don’t forget your running shoes. To tackle the marathon, run in the shoes you’ve been training with rather than brand new ones. They’ll be ‘broken in’ – adapted to your feet, they won’t rub uncomfortably like...

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