signs of runner's knee

What is runner's knee?


Runners knee – or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome – is a term used to describe a collective of issues which result in an aching pain around the knee cap. You might also notice swelling around your knee or popping or grinding feeling around the knee joint. The pain experienced is normally down to wear and tear of cartilage or irritation of the tendons or soft tissues of the knee. Sports and activities which involve bending your knees a lot can exacerbate the condition.


What causes it?

  • Repeated bending or high stress exercises - Any activity that places repeated stress on the tissues in the knee joint such as skiing, biking, jumping, cycling, and playing football can increase your likelihood of developing the disorder.
  • Misalignment - Problems with your feet, such as hypermobile feet (when the joints in and around them move more than they should), fallen arches (flat feet), or overpronation (your foot rolls down and inward when you step) can change the way you walk, which often results in unusual movement at the knee joint.
  • Weak or unbalanced muscles - Anything that affects your knee alignment could cause this injury, such as weak quads or tight hamstrings.
  • Worn or irritated cartilage – Conditions such as Chondromalacia patella (the cartilage under your kneecap breaks down) reduce the shock absorption at the joint.
  • Injury from a fall or blow - Injury can cause the above problems. Changing the way you are training can also provoke an injury. For example, if you are not used to running on an incline and throw yourself into training up hill, the extra demand on your legs places more stress on the knee joint.
 X-ray showing causes of runner’s knee
Enertor shoe inserts for knee pain treatment

How Enertor insoles treat knee pain

  1. 44% shock absorption – Enertor insoles offer more shock absorption than any other insole out there – reducing soft tissue irritation at the knee
  2. Improved lower limb alignment – Enertor Performance insole’s contoured cushioning and control chassis helps minimise reduce tibia and femur rotation to reduce stress on the knee joint.
  3. Heel lift – Enertor Performance insoles provide natural heel lift to redistribute pressure away from the tendons at the knee joint.
  4. Shoe inserts for knee pain – they can be worn in training, work or casual shoes and come in four designs: comfort, performance (both full isoles) or as ¾ and heel cup inserts.


Insoles for Runners Knee

TextIf you already have runner’s knee you should always seek medical advice before getting back to your training. But when you are ready, ease yourself back into your usual routine and consider adding some orthotics to your trainers to avoid injury again. Enertor insoles will lower any soft tissue irritations and the knee will remain settled and the risk of the risk of pain returning minimised.

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