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Why strong feet are important - and how to strengthen them

It’s a great idea to have a body strengthening program to complement your running regime. It’s common to see programs that cover core, upper and lower body. But what about your feet? Did you know that strengthening your feet can show excellent results and relieve pressure from the rest of your body (which can be compensating for weakness without you realising?) As with all exercise programs, start off slowly. If you hurt your feet by going too hard too fast, it’s going to make things difficult in every area. Take care and don’t be afraid to start with smaller activities for shorter lengths of time. If you feel pain, stop immediately. You shouldn’t feel completely comfortable, but sharp or stabbing...

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A runner's guide to eating well

Running takes a lot out of your body. It’s important to manage your nutrition so you can get the best out of your runs. You’ll need to consider how much energy you’re burning, and what sorts of fuel your body needs both before and after a run. Here’s how to eat well as a runner. Running nutrition overview - Obviously you’ll be spending more energy running than in your normal day to day activities. Aim to increase your calorie intake by 100 calories for every mile you run to give your body the energy it needs. Make sure that you’re including plenty of carbohydrates, moderate protein and a smaller amount of fat. Carbs give your muscles access to easy energy...

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