What does a child’s feet go through in a day?

What does a child’s feet go through in a day?

Being a kid is hard work!

There is always something to do, whether it’s school, sports or other activities. Younger children are particularly good at being on the move and they’ll take any opportunity to run skip and jump through the day.

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Have you ever wondered about how all this movement impacts their physical development? Movement is so important for health. As children grow (another constant effort) they work to build their cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. It’s incredible, but it’s also good to know that a child’s growth is easily impacted by their surroundings.

Think about what a child’s feet go through in a day. The running and jumping during school recesses is often done on bitumen or concrete surfaces. Even indoor play areas like sports halls have very unforgiving floors. If children have the chance to run on softer surfaces like grass or playgrounds, there’s plenty of pressure on young ankles to stabilise and support growing bodies.

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As children grow, so do their feet. While all 26 bones are present in the feet they are not yet fully formed, so they can be vulnerable to repeated hard impacts (like running or skipping rope). Parents can help protect growing feet by using child insoles in school shoes. Child insoles can provide comfort and support and help encourage growing bones to form with good alignment.

Some children are born with foot problems that may easily be corrected by using child insoles, and they may mitigate common issues like overpronation or flat feet. Insoles may also prevent ankle, knee and hip problems, as correcting foot placement can avoid incorrect joint movements in the lower body.

School shoes can also be inflexible. Wearing child insoles inside school shoes would be more comfortable throughout long school days. It’s also a good idea to use insoles inside sporting or leisure shoes for kids, as wearing insoles in every pair of shoes will help create a consistent environment for young feet to develop, too.

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The best insoles for growing children

Most children don’t give a second thought about their feet and lower limb as long as they get from A to B either walking or running.

Children run, play, skip and walk on any hard surface without realising the pain they sometimes experience is down to the surface they are having fun on. Some shoes don’t have enough cushioning material between the foot and sole of the shoes which can cause pain or injury.

ENERTOR comfort insoles reduce the shock by 44% and not only protect the foot but also the lower limb and back.

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