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How to protect your ankles as an athlete

So many sports require athletes to have strong ankles. They are put under a lot of pressure when asked to run, stop quickly, pivot or jump.

Ankle injuries can really interfere with training, and they often make regular activities difficult, too. Protect your ankles as an athlete by proactively strengthening them and supporting them during training.

Here are some ideas you can try.

Improve your balance

Having a strong sense of balance can really help protect your ankles as an athlete. Balance helps us to control how our bodies move through space, including when we’re moving quickly or in unpredictable ways.

Activities like yoga and Pilates help a great deal but you can improve your balance without adding more training to your schedule.

Try standing on one foot while doing household chores, alternating each time. You’ll be able to manage longer stints each time you try.

Try out yoga balance poses

Strengthen your ankles

There are many ankle strengthening exercises you can integrate into your current training plan. Invest some time in building the muscles in your feet and ankles so that they can support the joints well.

Protecting your ankles as an athlete can be done by using a stretching band around the ball of your feet to provide resistance while pushing your feet up and down from the ankle joint.

Ankle strengthening

Strapping and bracing

Balance and strengthening exercises are very helpful in the lead up to matches or events, and there are things you can do to protect your ankles as an athlete while you’re playing.

Consider experimenting with ankle strapping or bracing techniques. They can provide firm support for the joints when they’re under the most pressure to perform. Overuse may compromise the muscles if they become reliant on the support, so use this technique wisely.

Seek advice about the best way to support your ankle from a sports physiologist so you don’t do yourself accidental harm.

Physiotherapy session

Performance insoles and socks

High performance sports socks and insoles can provide in-shoe support to keep your ankles stable during training.

Insoles can provide cushioning, support and help to reduce pronation issues, which should help to stabilise your gait. Specialist socks help to reduce slippage and provide stability around the ankle joint.

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