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What to do if you have foot pain after working out

Experiencing foot pain after working out can be a worry. It can be difficult to understand what is causing the pain but there are a few indicators you can look for to help identify the cause. The good news is there is usually an effective way to treat most foot pain after working out. Read on to find out more.

Cause: extensor tendonitis

Tendons work very hard in the body and it’s common for them to become inflamed if they are under pressure to perform too often. Extensor tendonitis relates to the tendons that are on the top of your feet – one connects to each toe and allows the toes to lift up from a flat position. If you can hold your toes down while trying to lift them up and it hurts, you may have extensor tendonitis.

Cause: stress fracture

Stress fractures are painful and can be difficult to diagnose as pain can be diffused throughout the foot and can be mistaken for tendonitis. They are caused by sudden increases in training volume or changes to a training program that includes running on hard surfaces (often both at the same time). The bones in the feet can be put under pressure from changes like these, and hairline cracks can develop in any of the tiny fragile bones.

Cause: plantar fasciitis

The plantar fascia tendon runs under the bottom of the foot. If you inflame this tendon it can be difficult to heal quickly. Plantar fasciitis can develop through a sudden increase in training load, poor gait or using poor-quality running shoes. If your foot pain after working out is located at the base of your foot and it’s quite intense, it may be plantar fasciitis.

Possible treatment

In all three cases, rest is the most common treatment for foot pain after working out. Keep your weight off your feet as much as you can and certainly avoid running until the injury has healed. These injuries can also be supported or potentially avoided by using high quality running shoes and supplementing with sports performance insoles to provide additional support. Speak to a sports physiologist or a doctor, particularly if you are concerned about a potential stress fracture.


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