Best podiatrist tips for your shoes

Best podiatrist tips for your shoes

It’s easy to fall into habits when it comes to our shoes. You may have a preference for one type over another, or work requirements could make that choice for you.

Either way, the types of shoes you wear and how you wear them can really affect your feet. Here are 4 podiatrist tips to help get the best out of your shoes. 

Don’t judge your trainers by your flats 

Flat slip on shoes are often flexible and can stretch and mould to your feet shape. Don’t assume that your running shoes will be the same size. The firmer structure and tighter fit of training shoes means that your regular size may be too small.

Too-small shoes creates all sorts of toe pain and blisters, so try on trainers until you have the right fit. 

Lacing running shoe

Your feet will change as you age 

Your shoe size can change with age. It’s common for feet to spread, which means you may need a larger size than earlier in your life. Significant weight loss or gain can also affect your required size.

The podiatrist tip is, don’t force yourself into shoes that don’t fit just so you can wear the right number. 

Change your shoes often 

A podiatrist tip is to wear comfortable and supportive shoes wherever possible to keep them in good condition. When it’s time for you to dress up and wear formal shoes like lace-ups or heels your feet will be better prepared for it.

Get those fancy shoes off as soon as possible to reduce any harm or injury.

High heels cause pain 

This is probably unsurprising, but it’s true. In the age of the 5mm heel drop in racing shoes, a 2.5cm high heel (or higher) can put a lot of pressure on joints, bones and ligaments in the feet and ankles.

If high heels are worn often, permanent damage can be done to calf muscles, and referred injuries may occur in the knees, hips and lower back. Of course, you can wear heels, but try to reduce the time that you spend standing on them. 

High heels

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