6 golden rules of injury prevention when running

6 golden rules of injury prevention when running

Injury is awful. It gets in the way of your training and your goals.

Finding yourself laid up on the couch for a week hurts your progress and can lead to frustration.

Check out these tips to avoid running injuries and stay on track.

1. Know your limits

The fastest way to injure yourself is to overtrain. Don’t overcommit, channel your enthusiasm into designing a steady training program. Everyone has their limit – if you’re looking to increase speed or distance, do it in small increments over time.

Know your limits

2. Listen to your body

If it hurts, stop. It sounds simple enough but it’s true. Never force yourself to run on a developing injury, you’ll only make it worse and slow your recovery down. It’s always better to take one rest day than to set yourself back by a week or more.

Listen to your body cues

3. Use strength training

Diversify your workouts. Strength training and cross over workouts help the whole body stabilise and adapt better to increased running workloads. Focus on the core muscles to help stability and gait, and the hips for strength and fluidity.

Strength training

4. RICE works

If you do catch a niggle starting to occur, hit it with the old Rest Ice Compression Elevation routine. The sooner you treat a sore muscle with some rest and cool compression, the faster it will heal up and you’ll be back in action.

Don't forget ice

5. Space out the races

Injuries are commonly found in runners who max out in races spaced too closely together. Don’t try and stack races on top of each other. It should be an effort to get across that finish line, so let your body have some time to heal before pushing it any further. Recovery runs are good here.

Space out race calendar

6. Stretch it out

Too many runners fail to stretch their legs out after a run, causing strain over time. Before and after every run, take 5 minutes to stretch out tight or tired muscles. Warming them up will make sure they’re switched on for running. Don’t forget to loosen your joints a bit too – they take up the strain.


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