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Will they work for me? FAQ's

Will they work for me?

How do I know if the insoles will help me?

There is only one way to find out by giving them a go! The insoles have been designed to aid the most common running and walking conditions and reduce recovery time. Please see our injury advice page here for common running and walking pain advice and treatment.

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee but please do wear the insoles in gradually over the first week before running or walking long distances and please be patient for results. We hope that Enertor insoles will make you feel more comfortable though with some conditions, professional advice/treatment via a podiatrist or physio may be appropriate - Enertor insoles can well alongside their recommendations. For some people, bespoke insoles prescribed via a podiatrist may offer the best solution.

What types of shoes do EnertorⓇ insoles fit into?

Our insoles can work in a variety of shoes such as trainers, walking/hiking boots, football/rugby boots to day to day leather shoes.

They work best in footwear with a removable insole or roomier or wider fitted shoes - please remove the current insole before replacing with Enertor insoles. They can work in neutral or supportive shoes.

Do the Enertor PX1 insoles really work?

At first glance you may think the insoles don't look supportive or feel 'bouncy' or look flimsy. The look is deceiving!

The combination of PX1 unique material and design has been specifically created for insoles and made in the UK. It has taken years to perfect. The support in the midfoot works for most arch heights (except very high and /or rigid arches) and with the protection the shock absorbing ability PX1 has, we hope you will join the many thousands of happy users. If you find you need further support or control, the insoles can be worn in supportive/controlled trainers to improve your needs further. Reviews with up to date feedback from recent users can be found in our shop section.