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Why Enertor Insoles? FAQ's

Why Enertor Insoles?

Why are Enertor insoles so good?

The reason why they work so well is they reduce the impact to the feet and lower limbs whilst helping to support, control the foot and align posture. Reduce the running impact = reduce the pain and of injuries, achieving a more comfortable running experience.

It is a combination of the design of the insole (cushioned arch support, a slight heel raise and a met dome feature that spreads the load on the forefoot) and our new PX1 shock absorbing material.

What's the difference between the running and the walking insoles?

When running, each heel strike produces a force equivalent to approximately 4-5 times your bodyweight, and when walking, only 3 times your body weight.

For this reason we have formulated the walking insoles to be slightly softer and the running insoles to be slightly firmer.

I have just spent a huge amount of money on new trainers, why would I spend another £30 on insoles?

If your trainers are working for you and you are not in any pain, then there is no need to buy our insoles (though having a shock absorbing material under the foot makes can make running even more comfortable and as our insoles take some of the pounding, your trainers will last longer too).

However, if you are in pain then this would be the time to try Enertor PX1 running insoles. Generally speaking trainer manufacturers put their emphasis on design and usually leave a very poor performing insole in the shoes.

Enertor insoles help to bridge the gap between having great trainer design and a premium shock absorption material to help reduce the impact when running, helping to protect your lower limbs and reduce pain.