How to wear in Enertor insoles

Do the running/walking insoles need to be worn in gradually?

Yes! please wear the insoles in GRADUALLY! ‘Wearing in’ can take 1-3 weeks for you to fully adapt, however most people adapt much quicker. Please do not go out running or walking long distances in them straight away as this is likely to be too much too soon. Enertor insoles are designed to slightly mechanically alter the way in which you walk and run so a gradual wearing in allows your feet and lower limbs to adapt. The feet, legs and sometimes the back may be affected as the insoles correctly align you so you may feel some tired muscle pain as a result too. We advise you wear the insoles in gradually for the first week or so only walking in them for up to 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the second day etc and build up their use daily. If your feet tire, just reduce the wearing time and then build up their daily use more slowly. When you start wearing the insoles, they may feel great straight away or feel strange to begin with. This is very normal as your feet adjust to them over the next few weeks. If you are in pain when wearing them, stop wearing them and contact us for more advice.
If you have any questions about your insoles, please email us at

What about the insole that is in my shoe/boot/trainer?

Enertor insoles replace the insole in your shoe. The Insoles that come with footwear are normally either loose in the shoe so they can be easily removed or they are glued down but can still be gently pulled out. If the insole is stuck really down well, enertor insoles can sit on top of these insoles as long as the footwear feels comfortable for you to wear. Ideally our insoles work best in wider/roomier neutral footwear and footwear with a removable insoles Please remove the current insole and replace with your new insoles. They need to sit flat inside the shoe. Our insoles can also work in supportive shoes too for those who need extra support and control if your current insole isn't offering enough overall support.

Can I trim the insoles down to fit my shoes?

Yes! The insoles are designed to be trimmed down at the forefoot as they need to sit flat in the shoe/boot/trainer Please use your current insole as a guide for cutting the Enertor insoles down using a sharp pair of scissors. They need to sit flat inside the shoe.