General Info FAQ's

General Info

Can I trim the insoles down to fit my shoes?

Yes! The insoles are designed to be trimmed down at the forefoot. Please use your current insole as a guide for cutting the Enertor insole down using a sharp pair of scissors. They need to sit flat inside the shoe.

What size should I order - I'm a half size?

It depends on your footwear. There are always slight differences between shoe brands and as a guideline - generally speaking if you are a UK 6.5 you need to order size UK 7-8. If you are a 8.5 then you may need to order a UK 9-10 and so on. If in doubt, measure your current insole from your footwear and compare to our insole sizing below. You can always trim the insoles down to fit your shoes if necessary - please ensure they are long enough and wide enough to work in your shoes:

Size Length (cm) Widest point (cm) Heel width (cm)
UK 3-4 24 8.2 6.2
UK 5-6 26 8.7 6.7
UK 7-8 27.8 9.2 6.9
UK 9-10 29 9.5 7
UK 11-12 31 9.8 7.5
UK 13-14 33 10.2 8

Size conversion chart

UK EU US Men US Women
3-4 36-37 4-5 5-6
5-6 38-39 6-7 7-8
7-8 40-42 8-9 9-10
9-10 43-45 10-11 11-12
11-12 46-47 12-13 13-14
13-14 48-50 14-15 15-16

Do the Enertor PX1 insoles really work?

At first glance you may think the insoles don't look supportive or feel 'bouncy' or look flimsy. The look is deceiving!

The combination of PX1 unique material and design has been specifically created for insoles and made in the UK. It has taken years to perfect. The support in the midfoot works for most arch heights (except very high and /or rigid arches) and with the protection the shock absorbing ability PX1 has, we hope you will join the many thousands of happy users. If you find you need further support or control, the insoles can be worn in supportive/controlled trainers to improve your needs further. Reviews with up to date feedback from recent users can be found in our shop section.

Should the insoles feel strange when I walk or run in them?

Yes, this is normal. Your feet need time to adapt to the insole so please wear them in gradually for the first 1-2 weeks. Ideally walking in them around the house for a few days before going on any long walks or runs in them. This allows your feet and lower limbs to adjust to any change in your gait.

How do you pronounce the name 'Enertor'?

Great question. It is pronounced in EN-ER-TOR