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World’s most exotic runs

If you’ve mastered every mile of your home turf it might be time to look for newer, more exotic trails. You can see the world up close and have some amazing stories to tell when you get home, not to mention the thrill of finishing some of the world’s most exotic runs.

Kilimanjaro Marathon, Tanzania – This doesn’t even have to be a full marathon – you can opt to run a half marathon or an easy 5K in some breathtaking scenery at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The trails will take you through varied locations like jungles and farmland, with a warm welcome by locals who line the course.

Safaricom Marathon, Kenya – If the finish line isn’t motivation enough, how about running a full marathon through the wild plains of an African wildlife conservation area? You won’t be alone on this run – zebras and elephants will join you as you make your way through stunning territory. Just remember to thank the wild lions for the extra minutes off your finish time!

Great Wall of China Marathon, China – We hope you’ve been taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator! You’ll need the extra training to conquer the 5164 stairs on this mammoth marathon. What an amazing chance to see breathtaking countryside, and hopefully take in some history along the way.

Marathon du Medoc, France – Here’s something a little different! Mix up the effort of a marathon with the fun of costumes and you’re bound to have a good time. Along with your water you’ll be served the best of French cuisine throughout the race. Let us know how the oysters and cheese help your time, and maybe don’t mistake the water for wine too often throughout the race.

Jake’s Off Road Triathlon, Jamaica – This race is something a bit different but is all done for a good cause. Master a 350m swim, 25km bike ride and a 7km to finish, making your way across Jamaica’s best kept secrets, away from tourist hot spots. Run by yourself or with a team member, and indulge in the runner’s dinner the evening before the race.

Easter Island Marathon, Easter Island – The final race in our collection is the Easter Island marathon. Imagine running through the standing stones of an ancient civilisation, under a clear blue sky of a tropical island. Enjoy the sights of an island few ever get to visit.

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