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5 foods runners should eat this winter

As the temperatures start to drop you might be tempted to stay at home and stop running but you need to keep up your fitness routine so why not try switching your diet to help boost your energy levels and keep you running?

Winter brings with it lots of delicious and nutritious seasonal foods which can help give you a vitamin and energy boost, supporting your body as you continue with your running regime through the cold and dark days.

Here are our top five foods which runners should be eating this winter:


Oats are ideal as a slow-releasing carbohydrate, giving you energy and the chance to refuel after a long or hard run in the cold. Try combining oats with a boiled egg and a handful of nuts to help slow down digestion.


Quinoa contains carbohydrates which can fuel the body, as well as being packed with protein – all while containing little calories. It can help to keep you full for longer and is full of minerals and vitamins to support your system. Try adding it to a meal or eating it sweet with fruit.


When you are looking for the perfect post-run snack, try reaching for an apple. It’s the ideal way to beat off those chocolate and sugar cravings. Apples contain fibre and vitamin C as well as many other healthy nutrients to support your system.

Leafy greens

Winter is the perfect time to top up your nutrient levels with some leafy greens – you can add them to your salad or mix them up in a smoothie for a healthy morning drink but topping up your diet with spinach, cabbage and other leafy greens will give you a much-needed vitamin boost.


It’s always good to choose vegetables which are in season and parsnips are the perfect addition to any winter diet. They can be added to a meal or turned into a soup and contain a lot of essential vitamins as well as fibre.

If you are a runner there is no need to give up your chosen sport when the weather turns cold – just wrap up warm and top up your energy and nutrient levels with some of these amazing foods.