How to do winter maintenance running

How to do winter maintenance running

As the cooler weather approaches, it’s a good idea to start planning your winter maintenance running schedule. Cold weather and snow are enough to send the hardest trainers to the treadmill. Here are our best tips to help you maintain running condition when it’s too cold to get outside. 


Cut back on distance and pace

The spring racing season won’t be on the doorstep for a while, so it’s ok to dial back on your training intensity. There’s no need to hit distances much longer than 3 miles, and certainly no more than about 15 miles per week (for a 5K or 10K runner). That should be enough for most people to stay in condition without overdoing it. Settle into a pace that will allow you to maintain a gentle conversation. This winter maintenance running will help you keep in the habit of running without compromising your health and safety. It’s also completely legitimate to cover those miles on the treadmill if the conditions outside are bleak.  


Increase cross training alternatives

Winter is a great time to take advantage of the gym and indoor classes. We know it’s not the same as getting outside, but there are still a lot of benefits to be found. Intersperse your runs with sessions on the elliptical or rowing machine. Joining a spin class, for example, can provide the aerobic benefits with a range of additional challenges to muscle groups. 


Consider strength training

Strong core muscles are important to maintain correct posture, so take the time during winter to increase your strength. A complete winter maintenance running schedule should have at least one weekly strength session. Building slow twitch muscle reserves can also have benefits for long distance running in the new year. Try to factor in one strength training session a week. There’s no harm in stacking this session with your run. 


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