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Why all dancers should wear insoles

Part of the beguiling beauty of dance is that dancers seem to move effortlessly across the stage, no matter how challenging the performance truly is. Dancers of all styles spend a lot of time on their feet during training, rehearsals and shows. It is sometimes assumed that foot pain is a necessary part of dancing, but it doesn’t have to be so. Choosing a pair of dance shoe insoles may help to alleviate common aches and pains and reduce fatigue.

Dance shoe insoles can help correct a common issue known as overpronation. When feet spend extended time on hardened floors they can develop weaknesses, which may result in the arches of the feet rolling inward, also known as flat feet. When overpronation occurs, joints in the lower body such as the ankles, knees and hips may all attempt to correct posture which may lead to significant pain and injury over time. Using sports performance dance shoe insoles can help correct arch placement and reduce pain, discomfort and if worn consistently may even contribute to overpronation correction.

Professional quality dance shoe insoles can provide more than foot placement correction. Superior insoles will also offer shock and impact protection and high levels of energy return. Energy return helps to convert downward impact energy made during landings into upward force which reduces the effort required to lift off the ground for the next step. Energy return can improve training and performance.

When dancers are training for long periods their feet are under a lot of pressure. When the dancing day is over, it can be relaxing to slip into a less restrictive pair of shoes. Dance shoe insoles can make shoes for everyday wear luxuriously comfortable and will continue to encourage correct arch alignment. Keeping a pair of insoles in each pair of shoes will make transitions easier and may help extend the working life of the shoes. Insoles can work wonders for professional and amateur dancers and are best used in conjunction with foot strengthening exercises as prescribed by a professional sports physiologist.


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