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What do you think about when you’re running?

When there’s a lot of miles to cover, there’s a lot of time to think. A recent survey quizzed over a thousand people on what they think about when they run. The answers varied a lot. Let’s take a look at some common themes. Can you relate? What do you think about when you run?

Mind games – Seems like we humans love to play mind games with ourselves while we run. The responses run the gamut from, ‘how long until I can stop running?’ to ‘I’m one run fitter and faster than the guy who didn’t get up to run today!’

Planning – We found a lot of runners are obsessed with calculating times, distance and calories. ‘If I can hit this location by this time, that’s a new PB’ or ‘If I push just a bit harder I can eat an extra bagel when I get done’.

Spacing out – Some folks just don’t think at all when they run. A few respondents said they don’t think of anything at all. They zone out, enjoy the fluidity and use the time as meditation. Sounds alright to us!

Appreciation – Those who choose the trail less travelled often marvel at the beauty around them. Taking time to notice the small details and natural vistas draws them ‘into the moment’ and make running enjoyable on another level altogether.

Humour – Of course, there’s always a wag or two who have something to say. One person said they think about ‘the ex-wife chasing me’ – an extra motivation for speed! Pondering the lottery numbers and how good they look out on the track also comes up pretty often.

Education – Running takes time away from screens and pages but doesn’t stop runners from learning. The survey found a lot of people use the time to listen to podcasts and audio books. Some runners practice their second language skills by naming everything they can see.

Determination – Last of all – determination. So many respondents came back to the idea that every foot fall draws them closer to their end goal. Pushing through pain, bad weather or fatigue, the motivation to find success fuels a lot of runners and that is what the concentrate their mind on.

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