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Vitamins and supplements essential to a runner

No matter how clean and varied your diet is, you’re likely to need some supplements to help support your body as you put it through its running paces. Daily supplements can help your body repair and recover faster, and can support body systems that will keep you healthy so you can keep running without being waylaid by common illnesses.

Multivitamin – Taking a multivitamin will help you fill in the gaps of your diet on a daily basis. Try to find a broad spectrum multivitamin, that is derived from whole foods. These can be especially important if you eat any kind of restricted diet.

Probiotics – Science is now showing that every system in the body is connected to, and impacted by your gut. If you want to help your nutrient absorption, boost your immune system and reduce bathroom visits, a decent quality probiotic can help. Make sure to vary the source so you can build various good bacteria in your gut.

Vitamin D – If you live in a sunny climate, you might know about hiding from the sun to avoid sunburn and dehydration. If you’re from a cooler place, you might be lucky to see the sun at all, sometimes. Either way, with the time most people spend inside these days, it’s likely you’re lacking Vitamin D. Supplement your Vitamin D to see improved bone density, boost endurance and gain stronger muscles.

Calcium – Calcium is a common partner to Vitamin D. It helps to synthesise Vit D in your body, leading to stronger bones and higher bioavailability. Low levels of calcium can lead to weaker bones and eventually, osteoporosis. Considering how much pressure we put on our bones as runners, any help we can take here will be beneficial.

Iron – While iron is best supplemented through diet, it can be difficult to hit the recommended daily intake, especially if you’re on a restricted diet of some kind. Heme iron, found in meat and animal products is most easily absorbed by the body, while non heme iron is found in plants. Iron supplements can come as pills or liquid based solutions, so you might need to investigate which one works best for you.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C works in tandem with iron, increasing the bioavailability of both. You can grab this from a glass of orange juice, or take an easily chewable supplement. Combining these two will help you recover faster from workouts.

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