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Treadmill Workout Ideas to Work off the Christmas Excess

If the Christmas season treated you a little too well you might be feeling a little worse off health wise. If it’s too cold to head outside, try some of these amazing work outs on your trusty treadmill. Put it by a window so you still catch some sunlight. Varying your workouts will help you to stay interested and see off those holiday pounds.

20 minute beginner workout – Interval training is a great way to introduce yourself to the treadmill. Start with a five minute warm up walk. Jog for 2 minutes then walk for 5. Repeat this interval until you’ve finished your 20 minutes. If you’re finding this too easy, increase the speed of the jog, increase the length of jogging intervals or reduce the walking breaks.

Fat burner intervals – Spend 30 minutes on this workout a couple of times a week and you’ll quickly see a reduction in belly fat. After a warm up, sprint for a minute then walk for two minutes. It sounds easy but if it is, you’re not sprinting fast enough. Make sure your incline is set to zero.

Hill climber – The great thing about treadmills is you can vary both your speed and your incline, which means your options are endless. Try increasing your speed and incline by one setting per minute for 10 minutes, until you’re running fast at a steep incline. Once you’ve peaked the mountain, notch it back one speed and incline setting per minute until you’re back walking on flat ground.

Fat smasher – This 60 minute long workout will bust 500 calories. The five minute warm up is vital for this workout. Switch up your rates here. Every three minutes alternate between a brisk walking speed and a hard jog. This is not for the feint of heart. There is no room for resting.

Mix it up – If you want to keep it interesting, try throwing in 1 minute of jumping jacks and 30 seconds resting between brisk jogs of 1 minute and 30 seconds resting. Repeat this short circuit for 15-20 minutes if you’re looking for a quick fix.

There’s plenty of ways to get rid of extra Christmas weight gain. Dust off the treadmill and get at it! You’ll be back in shape in no time (and you’ll be ahead of the New Year’s resolutions, too!)

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