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How to prevent trail running injuries in winter

While it can be tempting to stay inside during cold winter days, a committed runner or two can usually be found out in the chill and snow. The poorer weather conditions can make trail running in winter a slightly risky endeavour, but there are some smart trail running tips you can use to keep you safer and steadier on your winter runs.

Warm up well

A winter warm up is a completely different process compared to its summer counterpart. You can’t afford to use the first few miles to warm up your legs, as cold air and muscles make you far more prone to injury. Warm your muscles up in a warm environment so the blood is moving comfortably before you open the front door. You may even want to hit your legs with hot water or towels just before you go out.

Insulate well

Cold ground is harder, so make sure you insulate your feet against the additional shock and chill by using sports performance insoles. Keep your ankles legs and knees warm too by wearing a thermal base layer under your trousers. Cold joints can strain easier and there’s anecdotal evidence to suggest cold weather makes runners more prone to shin splits and stress fractures.

Traction matters

When it comes to trail running tips to prevent injury in winter, the advice must include a recommendation for suitable shoes. Traction is your friend in slippery and icy conditions. It’s foolish to think that minimal or worn out road shoes will carry you safely through snowy trails. Even road running should be undertaken in trail shoes in winter conditions. Additional traction devices can be added to your shoes to provide even more grip. A single fall or overcorrected slip can take you out for the season with injury, so taking precautions is worth doing.

Post-run care routine

Don’t sit down as soon as you get in from a winter trail run. Stretch well and include some foam rolling to help encourage blood flow and muscle repair and recovery. Get out of wet clothes and keep your muscles warm as you slow down to resting.

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