Top running tech to spend your Christmas money on

Top running tech to spend your Christmas money on

If you’ve made bank this Christmas, it’s as good a time as any to update your running tech. While the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales may have passed, there’s still some bargains to be found in the traditional Boxing Day sales. Here are our recommendations for new running tech to splurge on over the Christmas break. 


Garmin Vivoactive 3 


We can vouch for the newest release from Garmin. This is a sleek new offering that absolutely keeps the focus on fitness while bringing some smooth smartwatch technology to bear at the same time. The watch comes preloaded with plenty of workout options to track, almost endless statistics and feedback, GPS, GLOSNASS, and of course the optical heart rate monitor. It’s not nearly as bulky as their top-notch Fenix 5 range, which makes it perfect for unobtrusive everyday wear. Control your music from the watch and receive notifications from your phone, too. And absolutely fantastic all-rounder, we love the extended battery life and the updated Garmin Connect app, too. 


New Running Shoes 


There’s two ways to look at this: grab another pair of your favourite model, or use the Christmas bonus money to try out a different style of shoe that you’ve had your eye on for a while. Of course, if you’re going to spoil someone else, just take a peek at their current shoes (model and size!) and grab them an update in this season’s colours. Check out Nike Freerun Distance if you’re wanting to try something new. They’re flexible with plenty of room in the toe box, a flexible outsole and plenty of stability around the midsole.  


Trekz Air Headphones 


Running with ear buds can be annoying, and large over-ear headphones can move around a lot. They also can block out the sounds around you while you’re running. This is sometimes what you want, but it can also pose a safety risk if you can’t hear warning sounds. Check out Trekz Air headphones for an excellent alternative. The height of running tech, they are wireless which frees up movement, but importantly, they use a conductive sound method. This means you can listen to your music, but also hear the sounds around you. They are light and don’t move around – the perfect fit. 


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