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Top gifts for runners

Christmas is around the corner, and it might be a head scratch to find what to gift to a runner. Not sure what they already have? What could be helping? Here are the best gifts Enertor runners would advise… All you need to do is to pick from this list. 

For the kudos giver: A Strava subscription

You’ve probably seen him or her or if you’re a runner, you know who this might be: they never miss giving you kudos, usually as you haven’t even edited your run’s description on Strava. This runner loves the orange and white app, and knows their friends’ and family’s training to the dot. 

Don’t go too far! Although Strava is a free app to use, specific features are only available in the premium version: route building, advanced stats, segment leaderboards, goals setting etc. At Enertor, we love creating new routes with it; and if feeling out of inspiration, getting inspired by the paths created by the routes generator.

Gift a yearly Strava subscription at £47.99 at 

For the stats savvy: running tech

They always discuss their pace, split, cadence and complain that their VO2 max doesn’t equal Killian Jornet’s or Eliud Kipchoge’s. They love their maths and analysing stats after any run and be assured there is plenty of tech that will be of help when trying to understand their performance.

At Enertor, we think heartrate monitors are great gifts. Most runners rely on smartwatches (even Garmin, Suunto, Polar or Coros) to record their heart rate; which might not be very accurate on their own. Heart rate monitors are very efficient in tracking reliable data and pairing with these smartwatches for heartfelt results!

Here is an example of a Garmin heart rate monitor, available from £59.99.

For S&C escaper: an online fitness subscription

A lot of runners do love to get outside, chase sunrise and sunset, races and PBs. But when it comes to strengthening leg muscles, preventing injuries, and getting to the gym to condition their body for demanding distances, there are often more absentees!

We all know the excuses: the gym is too far from home, I don’t have time, I don’t know what to do, I don’t have the equipment… But it doesn’t have to be the end of the road; following the pandemic, a lot of subscriptions and apps have developed and now offer a strong range of workouts.

For runners who hate strength and conditioning, Adidas offers a well-rounded app, “Adidas Training”, with plans and sessions for runners, also catered for pregnancy! Short and sweet, workouts can be executed from the gym, or the comfort of their own home.

For more information on the Adidas Premium membership, visit the Runtastic website.

For keen runners who want to be surprised or are looking for more intensity, the Fiit app is known in the fitness industry to offer challenging yet rewarding workouts. The app also allows users to compete in a like-minded community and get rewarded when performing.

Fiit is available to all from £9.99 per month. 

For the Festival goer: Love Trails Festival

Did you know that running also has themed festivals? For those who love festivals, would like to plan a running holiday without going on their own or meeting other runners, this is the perfect gift.

Our selection features the famous Love Trails Festival, happening every July. During 4 days, the event features a great pick and mix of trail routes, adventures, live music concerts, talks and surprises at Gower peninsula.

Offer them a festival ticket from

For the beginner: Runner’s Gift Set

It is tough to start out running. What to do? What to use? How not to get injured? There are plenty of questions one can have while trying to make their first steps in the sport. 

The Premium Runner’s Gift Set from Enertor comes in to answer a lot of these questions. It features a pair of PX1 running insoles, preventing injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, breathable running socks, a set of resistance bands to workout from home and a neck tube to stay warm when running during winter. 

Shop the Enertor Premium Runner’s Gift Set at £69.99 here.

For the soreness complainer: foam roller

Are they always complaining they can’t sit on the toilet or struggle to get down the stairs after a challenging run? It might be that they need to give their body a good stretch (and recovery!)

A foam roller is an incredibly easy to use, cheap and useful gift for runners too. A 20-minute session will help with any leg tension, but can also be used to relax those back knots. Goodbye to feeling sore, and hello to painless rest days! 

Shop a foam roller from Decathlon from £15.55. 

For the dog lover: a leash for their companion

Some run on their own, others run with their friends, and a bunch of them run with the human’s best friend: their dogs (we are impressed too!)

If you know one of them, think about gear for their companion. Some fitted leashes are available to enable dogs to run painlessly and freely alongside their owner, and race for sweets! 

Find running leashes at from $39.95 

For the dreamer: a race voucher

They wonder what to sign up for next, or are dreaming of competing in a specific race or distance: don’t let it slip away! Races have varying costs and offer a good challenge, experience for your favourite runner.

For example RunThrough offers a large variety of road races in the UK – from 5k to half marathon distances. Here is the calendar of their next races.


This list could go on and on and there are many ways to treat a runner. You’re making the first step, they will run the next step.