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Top 3 Reasons to Wear Insoles

Insoles have benefits. Shoe manufacture's don't pay enough attention to what is inside the shoe and put too much focus on the exterior because after all, thats what the consumer see's. 

So why then should we pay more attention to what's under our feet? We've outlined three top reasons to wear insoles below:


1. To help reduce pain and injury

  • Firstly, they provide support for the foot to ensure good alignment. If your foot is not properly supported or aligned then you will be putting extra strain on your tendons, this can affect your Achilles, knee, shin, plantar fascia and even the muscles in your lower back. A good insole will help provide this support and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Secondly, they provide protection from the ground forces. Our feet are our most impacted part of the body and whilst we wouldn’t think twice about wearing a crash helmet when cycling or shin pads when playing football, we don’t think about the impact the ground has on our bodies. This can be over a sustained time like running a marathon on hard roads, or walking on a daily commute. This issue can be accentuated by hard footwear, like leather office shoes or ones that provide higher levels of pressure due to their design, like high heels. By preventing and blocking the shock from the ground forces this helps to protect our bodies from pain and injury.

2. To improve comfort.

Most shoe manufacturers spend their money on the uppers and the soles of shoes and spend very little on the insoles, normally around $0.40 on cheap foam type materials. The problem with this is the shoes feel comfortable in the store but the insole will tend to bottom out after only 1 month of wear and then your foot is then not protected from the hard bottom of the shoes or the ground forces and will not be as comfortable.

Go test it for yourself! Pull out an insole from a used shoe and it will be flat under the heel and ball of the foot which is where most of your weight goes. Enertor insoles don't compress over time and will keep their protection, maximising your chances of keeping away from injury and keeping comfortable.

3. Extend the life of your shoes.

Insoles can help to give your shoes a new lease of life. Good quality insoles should last over 1000 miles, which is about twice the amount a normal pair of shoes will last. When your shoe insole has already ‘bottomed out’ as described above, then using insoles to replace the insoles in your shoes will give them that ‘new in shop’ feeling and help to make them last longer.