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6 Tips for summer running

Longer days, early sunrise, warmer days and ice cream trucks… There is a lot to love about summer running, but it might also be a tough season for other fellow runners. Here are a few tips and ideas on how you can make the most of this season.

Go out at the ‘right’ time

During the winter, most of us complain to be jogging in the dark. Morning, evening… in December, there is no such a big difference; we carry headtorches and run in well-lightened parks and multiply the layers.

You’re lucky! Summer is nothing alike, but it might bring its share of conditions too. When it is 30 degrees outside, it might be more difficult to get out at lunchtime and even after work.  

But don’t let heat become an excuse in your training! You can consider going out before sun rises or as the sun goes down in the evening. You’ll even have plenty of time for a long run. Additionally to helping you to beat mid-day heat, completing your workout when everyone is waking up will set you up for a nice day ahead. Read more tips about how to become an early morning runner and its benefits here.

Remain well hydrated

This might not be new to you; keeping hydrated is important all year, but especially if you’re exercising andunder high temperatures. It can also help to eat foods containing a lot of water. For example, cucumbers contain 95% and watermelons 92% of water. But you can also find water in tomatoes, zucchini, apples and peaches. 

If you exercise, you might also want to top up hydration with electrolytes. When you sweat, you don’t only loose fluids, but salt too! If you tend to sweat a lot, and you notice your eyes sting when sweat gets into your eyes, or white marks on your clothes after a workout, it means you might need to replenish your salt levels. Try out adding an electrolyte tablet in your soft water bottle. Making sure you replenish your salt levels will have a real impact on your recovery.

If you are not convinced by electrolyte tablets and prefer a homemade solution, you can mix orange juice with water and a bit of salt – this will have the same effect than electrolytes, giving you both energy and minerals you need to recover.

Adapt your outfit

Just as you’re adding in layers during winter, start peeling some of them off as temperatures rise. You might not notice that you are suffering from heat straight away, but watch out if your heart or breath rates increase rapidly, if you start sweating more than usual, if you start feeling nauseous, weaker or if you start having muscle cramps. As an marker, if you feel already warm when heading out, you might want to peel off a few new layers before starting your run. In case you start overheating on your run anyway, make sure to drink sips of water regularly.  

Join social runs

You’ve trained hard this winter, but you know what they say: winter miles for summer smiles. Sometimes, it is good to energize training again and find a new source of motivation. Group running can help you to:

  • Stay motivated to go out for a run
  • Increase your weekly mileage
  • Meet fellow running afficionados and join a community
  • Make sure you keep runs easy (as you get to know the crew) or get challenged to run at a faster pace
  • Discover new routes and step out of your geographical comfort zone

Try out trail running

If you’ve never ventured out on trails, summer is the best time to try out trail running! While you might love smooth paved roads where you can PB, going off road will offer more comfort to your body in general due to its soft surface. A couple of steep hills will definitely improve your lower body strength; a forest trail can help you find some shade on a sunny day or sand can challenge your balance. With trail running, there is room for everyone!

We’ve even asked our trail runners at Enertor why they love trail running. For our marketing team, trail running is not only about breaking a sweat: “you get to discover so much more! Trail running is great to discover new places, reconnect with nature… and have a break from the city life! This makes it particularly helpful when taking care of your mental health”.

For further tips on starting out your trail running journey, read our blog.

Enjoy a new recovery routine

Finally, make your recovery look differently! During winter, you may finish your run by a warm comforting coffee, put on any layer as chills settle. But summer brings another type of recovery. Think sorbet, coconut water, watermelon slices and a dip in the sea. Enjoy!