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The worst things to do after your run

When you’ve gone to all the effort of getting out there, the last thing you want to do is sabotage your efforts by doing the wrong things when you finish up. Here are the worst things you can do after your run.

Work too hard – You might feel like taking on the world after your run, but it’s important not to push yourself too hard. If you’ve put your body through it’s paces it’s likely your muscles are tired and you’re probably dehydrated. Don’t push yourself to lift heavy objects or tackle the yard work.

Work too little – On the other hand, resist the urge to totally relax on the couch after your run, or even on your rest days. If you stay still, your body won’t have the encouragement to get blood moving around, delivering vital nutrients to tired muscles. Gentle movement is all you need.

Forget to change out of your gear – It can be tempting to stay in your running gear once you’re done, but trust us – don’t. The sweat stays in your clothes and rubs up on your skin, increasing the amount of bacteria you’re exposed to. It can also bring on a chill if you cool off too quickly and are wearing damp clothes for too long. This goes for your shoes as well – swap your sneakers for another fresh pair of supportive footwear.

Avoid recovery work after ‘easy’ runs – There’s no such thing as an easy run – every time you take your body on the track you’re working muscles and larger internal systems. Give your body the respect it deserves by cooling down properly, and finding time for some gentle stretches the day after your run.

Forget to refuel your body – Running exhausts the body. Even if you’re pressed for time, you need to factor in some nourishment around 30 minutes after a run. Make sure your snack has some protein, a smaller amount of fat and plenty of complex carbs to help your muscles recover and strengthen. Pack some snacks in the car if you’re on the way to work, or prep something in the fridge for when you get home – make it easy for yourself to give your body what it needs.


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