The most common excuses not to go running…and how to beat them

The most common excuses not to go running…and how to beat them

It can be so hard to maintain your running motivation, especially through the cold winter months. Some days, you just don’t feel like getting out there. It might be ok to skip a day or two but be careful – sometimes it can turn into weeks, or even months without a single mile behind you. Here are the most common excuses we hear when someone doesn’t feel like running (and some tips on overcoming the urge to hide under the covers for another day). 


I just don’t feel like running 


Sometimes the motivation to run wears off, even when we know it’s good for us to continue. In these cases, joining a running club or organising running dates with friends can help. Making a commitment to others is sometimes easier to meet than a promise to ourselves. 


I’m too tired 


If you find your running motivation is dropping because you are tired, there are a couple of possible ways to pep yourself up. Get more sleep is the easiest answer, but not always the right one. Make sure you’re eating enough good quality food and just put on your shoes for a walk. If you feel your spark coming back, then try a short run. If not, a good walk is still great exercise. 


I’m too busy/I don’t have time/My kids take up my time 


Don’t be afraid to schedule running appointments with yourself. Block the time off your schedule and refuse to change it. Even a single 30-minute run per week is better than nothing. Look for idle pockets of time and just dash out of the door instead of scrolling through your social media feeds. Throw the kids in the pram and take them for a walk or a run – think of it as additional resistance training. 


Don’t let a dip in running motivation leave you on the sofa for too long. The sooner you get back into it, the sooner you’ll be wondering why you stopped in the first place. 

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