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Team Enertor Spotlight :: Caithy Walker

You may have spotted our amazing Team Enertor over on Instagram recently – an amazing group of awesome people and here at Enertor HQ we’re proud to have them rep’ing our brand.   Each month, we chose an Ambassador of the Month and find out a little more about them.  This month we picked Caithy – an incredible inspiration to us all!

Caithy! Congrats on being our Ambassador of the Month!  One of the  many things we love about you is your strength and determination – the way you got through being injured and the set backs that come with that is inspiring. But you’ve battled more than your recent injury – can you tell us a little bit about your journey with your spinal disease….?  When did you decide to not let anything hold you back and start running?

In August 2012, the day after losing my dad, I received the diagnosis of degenerative disc disease in my lower spinal discs. At the time I had no idea what this meant and nor could I process any information. I just know that I was in agonising pain, both physically and mentally. At the time, I had private medical insurance and after a couple of months, went to see a pain specialist and we discussed cortisone injections into the spine. I was desperate to try anything to relieve the pain and read that these injections had worked for many people. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for me and following the injections, I contracted a spinal infection and was unable to walk for 7 weeks. After many intense physio sessions, I became stronger and had to start building the core around the affected area. My neurosurgeon recommended buying an exercise bike after telling me that I would never be able to run again or do high impact exercise. I gradually built up strength and starting doing lots of walking down the river until one day when I felt like seeing if I could run! I managed 30 seconds before it became too painful. Not one to be defeated, I did this religiously until I could run a few km at a time and used lamp posts and bridges as my markers and goal posts. 3 years on and last April I entered my first 10k on Dad’s birthday. I managed to run it in 44.09 minutes and then I got the bug! To date, I have run 11 races and Sunday marked the completion of my 3rd half marathon! My primary reason for running is to help my mental health and to try and help control my anxiety and depression. Medicine for the mind! I’m currently training for my first marathon. 

What’s your biggest motivation?  Firstly, my dad to make him proud, then to keep my mind focused and positive and lastly to try and encourage others of the power or exercise.

You inspire so many people, but who inspires you?  I’ve got to say that it’s the Paralympic team who inspire me the most and people who fight against the odds to achieve what is almost impossible.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date? There would be 2 really- being chosen to be in the top 5 of Women’s Health magazine “The Body 2016” closely followed by running 3 half marathons.

What are your plans for the future? Training for anything big at the mo? Biggest goal is to set up a running academy for disadvantaged young people. As an English teacher, one of the things that is most prevalent today is the lack of confidence kids have in themselves and this spills into every aspect of their lives. I want to create an academy that celebrates their talent and teaches them literacy through running and athletics. I’ve just booked my running leadership qualification.  I’m also training for my first marathon. 

Do you have a training routine or do you just go with the flow? I tend to go with the flow and how my body feels. I’m rubbish at being told what to do and find it hard to stick to a plan or regime. I listen to my body and up my distance training according to what races I have booked.

What’s your ultimate running/fitness goal? To get that marathon medal after being told I’d never run again! It’s then to help others to achieve their goals and overcome adversity. 

Your fave person over on insta right now? Haha I can’t narrow it down to one! I would say that the running community on Instagram have been seriously supportive and I get motivation and inspiration from so many people. 

Fave pre-run fuel? Danio protein yoghurt and cooked chicken breast. Chocolate if it’s race day! 

Fave post-run re-fuel? Protein smoothie, more chicken and hummus! 

What do you do when you are not running? Teach, coach and blog and try and be a wife for my amazing husband. 

Any words of advice for your fellow runners/fitness fans? Start with small achievable goals. Either print an image or envisage what you want to achieve and put it where you’ll see it everyday. Imagine you achieve that goal and then set the next one. Also, don’t be put off my bad runs etc. If it’s not running that you enjoy, then find a sport of exercise that will set your soul on fire. If you enjoy it, it never feels like a chore! Finally, never give up!

You can follow Caithy over on Insta HERE or check out her awesome BLOG  and  find Enertor on Insta HERE –  don’t forget to look for #teamenertor to keep up with our awesome team


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