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Could you take on the Rebellion Ultra Marathon?

Calling all ultra enthusiasts: there’s a serious new contender for the title of world’s toughest race. The inaugural Rebellion ultra marathon was held this November in Wales.


The Rebellion ultra marathon expects competitors to cover 135 miles (that’s 217 kilometres) before the 72-hour cut off. The terrain is varied and crosses through private land as well as national parks. The climbs are brutal – racers must cover 25 000ft of elevations throughout the race. 


This newcomer to the calendar stands out for more reasons that the distance alone. Most ultra marathons follow a geographical feature like a mountain range, for example. The Rebellion ultra marathon is named after the efforts of Owain Glynd?r, the last Welsh Prince of Wales. He led efforts against the English, and the trail leads runners to sites of significance related to him and his battles. 


This year’s race saw 33 contenders cross the starting line, although only 11 were able to complete the race. If the terrain wasn’t difficult enough, Mother Nature brought all her winter force to bear on the runners. Rain, sleet and snow all interfered with the participant’s efforts. The combination of severely inclement weather and low night temperatures were swift to end the race for many.  


The competitors were well supported along the way, in part due to the GPS trackers that were worn during the race. The trackers broadcast their locations to interested family, friends and enthusiasts. Following the successes of the tracking, many observers have expressed interest in taking part in 2018. 


If you think you’re tough enough to face rain, sleet, snow, freezing temperatures for 135 miles, next year’s race will be held again by Up Hill Down Dale events, with all profits being donated to charity. 


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