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Should you treat yourself to a sports massage?

Who doesn’t love a massage? For most people, it is often associated with a nice relaxing spa session. But did you know that sports massages are not only made for professional athletes? If you practice a sport, or if you simply spend a lot of time on your feet, it might be worth considering it too. Here is a starting point that might help you make the first step. Who is it for? We mentioned it: it isn’t just for athletes! If you are a regular runner or practice any sport, booking a massage will help you release muscular tension and potential aches. It can have significant benefits during training or before/after an important race.   If you spend a...

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Ballot results revealed: what to do next?

You’ve waited for this for months (and have probably refreshed your inbox every minute since you woke up this morning). The ballot results are finally out. Are you part of the lucky group? Or did the email bring an additional disappointment? Don’t worry, whatever the answer, your running journey is still in front of you. Congrats! You’ve been selected! You’re one of the lucky ones and most likely feel over the moon now (and you can). Celebrate, share it with your friends and family… You’ll be racing your dream race this year! Coaching, training plan, and timeline? First things first, before you think about anything else, consider timing and question yourself: how do you want to approach it? Depending on...

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Why do people get addicted to running?

Running can be a challenging and rewarding activity. There are countless health benefits, and it can have great influence on your mental wellbeing, too. But what happens when a person can’t seem to stop running, even when injured? It’s possible to develop a running addiction. Read on to find out more. Can running be an addiction? Exercise or running addiction can develop in the same way any other addiction. It may present as a healthy new hobby, but can actually become a coping mechanism or way to avoid facing other issues. How can I tell if someone I know has a running addiction? You may notice some of the following behaviours: Running takes precedence over other priorities, Commitments and time...

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Free running apps to help your training

There are plenty of different running apps designed to help track your progress. We’ve rounded up our favourites for you to check out. Strava – This app is absolutely designed to get your competitive streak out. Along with the usual tracking, Strava users have the option to record their data for Segments, or particular hills or straights that are worthy of pushing for time. Everyone’s times are available so you can push to beat others who are doing the same run. MapMyRun – This app is one of the most popular apps with running enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. The free version offers plenty of functionality, allowing the GPS to track your runs and record distance, time and splits....

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