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How to protect shins while running

New runners can sometimes fall victim to shin injuries. The most common source of pain is known as a shin splint, or pain located on the front on the shin bone (anterior shin splints). They do not have to be a rite of passage for new runners, nor dissuade seasoned runners from training. Here are some great ways to protect shins while running. Run on softer surfaces It’s not surprising that running on harder surfaces like asphalt and concrete create additional stress on your shins and joints. Try to schedule your long runs on grass, compacted dirt trails or specialist running tracks. These softer surfaces will absorb more energy and help to protect shins while running. Get the right gear...

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How to prevent running knee injuries

Running knee injuries are often attributed to age, a missed step or just too many miles under the belt. But is that really the case? Of course, tripping or overtraining can cause a knee injury, but we don’t think they’re the only reasons. There could be another culprit. Poor running form can cause additional strain on the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Covering long miles with poor form can easily lead to running knee injuries among others. Here’s how adjusting your form may save you from unnecessary pain. Focus on the knees Don’t drive your knees up and forward, no matter what. Pushing your knees out in front of you will cause your lower leg to swing forward...

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