How to strengthen your ankle injury

Do you want to strengthen your ankle injury? It can be disappointing to injure your ankle as often, rest is the only way to heal it. If you are on the road to recovery or you want to strengthen your ankle injury, there are some simple exercises you can do. These movements can be done at home or while you’re out – all you need is a wall and a step. These exercises are also valuable to implement if you want to keep your ankles strong, so you can help avoid an ankle injury while running.

Floor stretches

An effective way to strengthen your ankle injury is to sit down with your legs in front of you. Spend time stretching your feet away from you, and then pulling them toward your body. Alternate these stretches and use a resistance band if you want to feel a more significant stretch.

Step stretches

Find a stairwell with a handrail. Place both feet on a step, facing upstairs. Make sure the balls of your feet are the only parts of your feet on the stair – your heels should hang down which creates a good stretch. Strengthen your ankle injury by holding this stretch for as long as you can up to 60 seconds. Work up to that length of time if it’s too difficult to start with.

Turn around and look downstairs. This time balance your weight on your heels and allow the front of your feet to stretch over the edge of the step. Again, hold this stretch for up to 60 seconds.

Finally, turn around again so you’re looking upstairs. Balance your feet so your heels are hanging over the edge of the stair. This time press up so that you’re standing on the tips of your toes and then slowly lower your weight back down so your heels drop. Repeat this 3-5 times, holding for around 10 seconds each time.

If you implement these stretches into your routine a few days a week, you should start to notice more strength and stability in the muscles that support your ankle joint.


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The best insoles to help strengthen your ankle injury

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Ankle problems can be caused from running either too far or running on hard surface, reduce your distance and run on softer ground. Strengthening exercises of the ankle can also help but to ensure that the exercises you preform are safe and effective, it should be performed under medical supervision. Talk to your clinician about what is best for you. Do not ignore pain, you should not feel pain during an exercise.

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