How to stay safe and avoid injury while playing sport

Across the broad spectrum of sports and athletic activities, there are some common actions that help to keep everyone safe and playing sport another day. Studies have shown that injury rates could be reduced by up to 25% if athletes in all sports took preventative action. What can you do to stay safe while playing sport ?


Warm up

If you are going to be moving around while playing your sport, you need to get your muscles moving before you start. Stretches are often useful. Sometimes a walk or even a slow jog can be appropriate. Make sure your body isn’t forced to start intense activity from a cold start.


Get your body ready for the sport

If your sport requires a lot of running, make sure to train so you can run comfortably. If particular muscle groups are used, get them conditioned to those actions before you go all out on the pitch. Suddenly deploying underprepared muscle groups is a recipe for injury.


Understand and follow the rules of the game

This is particularly relevant to contact sports. The rules are designed to keep the game moving, but also to keep participants safe. Injuries can occur when unsafe actions take place in the game.


Wear protective gear and equipment

If your sport requires safety gear like helmets or pads, wear them. They are designed to protect players from likely impact. This also goes for good quality equipment or clothing that can prevent chafing injuries, for example.



Let your body recover adequately from big physical efforts. Pushing too hard by training too often can lead to fatigue and strain. If muscle groups don’t have time to repair and recover the likelihood of injury increases.


Avoid playing sport when tired or hurting

If you are fatigued, your concentration levels will be decreased. This can easily lead to unforced errors, dangerous plays or clumsiness. All of these leave players ripe for injuring themselves (or others!). If you have an injury, don’t try to play through it. Take the appropriate time on the bench to rest and heal up. Forcing play while injured or in pain can lead to longer term damage.

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