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Spring running tips – How to get back into the swing of things

If you’ve taken a break from training over the winter months, or you shifted indoors to a treadmill routine, you will need to approach outdoor training in a measured way. The spring running season is approaching, with plenty of people warming up for the Virgin London Marathon and other local races. Try these tips to get you training well and enjoying the warmer weather. 


Update your kit 


Ditch your snow-grade gear and lighten up a little. You may need waterproof outers if there are spring rains, but it shouldn’t be as cold. Grab some new performance socks and a cap to deflect the sun from your face. Update your wearable if you need more data for your advanced training days, and don’t forget to reassess the condition of your running shoes. 


Transition slowly 


If you’ve been running on the treadmill you will have slightly changed your running posture and stride. Treadmills also absorb a lot more shock than a hard road surface. Don’t swap them straight over. Try a couple of short easy runs on the road and let your body get used to the difference in propulsion and surface. Take a couple of weeks to fully transition to spring running. 


If you’re starting from a standstill 


If you stopped training altogether through winter, do not pick up where you left off. Ease back into spring running training as you will have deconditioned significantly over the break. Slow, short sessions are a good place to start and increase mileage regularly. 


Keep hydrated 


The weather is going to get warmer so remember to increase your water intake accordingly. You may need to refocus on electrolyte intake as you sweat more into the summer. 


Try some cheeky intervals 


Let the fresh air and new blossoms put a bounce in your step. Once you’re back to your preferred level of fitness, throw in some casual higher tempo sprints. Imagine your chasing after your pet dog – have fun. They should be short and try to put a few into each run. You may notice an increase in overall tempo as you master the new speed and form. 


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