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Why should you wear base layer running shorts?

Wearing compression garments has become very common, and you’re likely to see them being worn by everyone from first-time 5K racers to seasoned ultra runners. They come in a few combinations, but are usually either found as long-sleeve tops and base layer shorts. The length of compression tights can range from above the knee to ankle length. 


There are demonstrated benefits to wearing base layer shorts. You might be familiar with some of them, and there might be a few you didn’t know about. Either way, it’s a good idea to grab a pair and try them out over a few sessions to get a true idea of how they influence both your runs and your recovery. Enertor have developed a range of base layer energy shorts that utilise energy return fibres. Check them out if you want to improve your running performance.


Compression garments like base layer shorts work by providing a very tight fit around hard-working muscle groups, especially in the quads and calves. The tights compress the muscles in the leg, reducing oscillation – which means the muscles are wasting less energy on controlling their position while moving.


The tights can also greatly improve the effectiveness of naturally occurring systems that support muscle function. When running, lactic acid is released by muscles. When the lactic acid builds up to a certain point, using the muscles becomes painful. Compressing the muscles using base layer shorts increases the ability of the muscles to flush the lactic acid away. This delays the build-up, which should extend cramp-free running times.


In addition, as the lactic acid is removed more efficiently, oxygen is returned to the muscles faster and easier. This additional oxygen is available to the muscles to keep things moving powerfully and effectively.


Finally, the supportive nature of compression leg garments should help keep joints and muscles aligned correctly. This should improve joint mobility and reduce stress on the joints, as there’s less overcorrection required to maintain accurate posture. 

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