Take part in the first ever Running World Cup

You’ve heard of The Football World Cup, The Rugby World Cup and maybe even the new World Team Cup in tennis.

Now the first ever Enertor Running World Cup is set to take place over 7 days in November 2018.

Represent your country

The event is organised by Enertor, and backed by brand ambassador Usain Bolt.  

Every country from around the world is invited to take part, and runners of all levels can get involved.

From professional athletes, to keen amateur runners or even complete beginners, every one that takes part will be making a big contribution towards their country’s final position on the leaderboard.

What more motivation do you need - get involved and run to represent your country! You might even get the chance to become your country’s captain.

How to take part

The event will be organised through running app Strava. The Running World Cup aims to be the most inclusive competitive running event ever, and the Strava app opens the event to everyone, everywhere.  

The Running World Cup event will be launching on Strava on the 5th November so keep checking back to the Enertor blog for more details on how to sign up, or register below with your# email for updates.

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To help you get ready to take part in this great running event we are offering a $15 (or currency equivalent ) voucher to spend in our online store.

That would enable you to pick up a pair of Enertor Energy Run Socks completely for free, or to take a great discount from our other running products such as Enertor Performance Insoles or Enertor Baselayer Running Shorts.

All you need to do is sign up with your email to get your free $15 gift card, plus the chance to win prizes and get updates on the Running World Cup.

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  • Vikrant Kasar

    Living for Run

  • Vikrant Kasar

    Running is my Passion

  • Julie

    I am from England and usually run to raise money for cancer research , the 26.2 miles at the moment . How would this work for me here with dollars , if I took part . Just enquring really

  • Darrell Whittingham

    Representing England or will it be UK?

  • Manuel


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