Tips for running with a pushchair

Getting back into shape after having a baby can be incredibly challenging as a new mum – dealing with exhaustion, finding time to get to the gym, not to mention sorting out childcare while you exercise – it’s no wonder many women struggle.

However, one way to make your fitness goals a little easier to achieve is through involving your baby in your routine – by taking up running with your pushchair. It means you get the workout without any of the associated problems of trying to find a baby-friendly gym or class.

Before you start pounding the pavement with your baby in tow, there are a few things to think about first so check out these top tips:

Make sure your child can sit up independently

If you are going to run with your baby they should be able to sit up and hold their head up so the recommended minimum age is six to nine months.

Invest in a specialist running pushchair

When you are looking for a pushchair to run with, make sure it is designed for where you want to run – either off road or pavement running. Ideally you need wheels which are at least 16 inches in diameter, a strong suspension and shock absorption.

Prepare yourself

Make sure you are wearing running shoes and drink plenty of water. You should also do a warm up and cool down exercise before and after each run.

Check your posture

You should only have a light hold on the handle bars so use a wrist strap with the pushchair. Make sure your handle bars are high enough so that you are not bending over while running – you should be upright and straight. Keep your elbows loose and avoid locking them while you are exercising.

Choose your location

It’s your choice to run on the pavement or through parks but running in the park will be quieter and with less exposure to traffic and pollution so it might be wise to at least start off in a park until you get more experienced.

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Running with your pushchair can be great fun and an easy way to get back into shape while taking your baby out for some fresh air – you could even join up with other mums to make it a social activity as well.

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