How to recover from a toe injury picked up while running

How to recover from a toe injury picked up while running

If you’re suffering from pain in your toes, you might have a runner’s big toe injury. It’s relatively uncommon to injure your toes through running, but it’s not impossible. There is a higher likelihood that your toe has been injured through other means, or is suffering from a degenerative issue, and that running is exacerbating the injury. 


Causes of runner’s toe injury 


There are a number of different reasons you might feel toe pain. Hallux valgus is related to bunions and hallux rigidus is a rigid or inflexible toe joint. Turf toe is a similar injury to a sprain, where the toe is hyper flexed due to impact (this is more common in football players but can occasionally impact runners). Sesamoids are very small bones (the size of sesame seeds) that function in a similar way to the kneecap. They can incur stress fractures in the same way leg and hip bones can.  


Determining why you have toe pain 


Because little is known about toe injuries, it can be challenging to identify the cause of the pain. Speak directly to your doctor who will be able to establish where the pain is coming from. You may need to have x-rays or an MRI to get a visual confirmation. 


How to treat a toe injury 


It’s difficult to suggest a single solution for toe pain as the causes are varied. In general, it’s a good idea to stop running until you have identified the cause. Try resting the joint by staying off it as much as possible. You may find orthotic inserts can help relieve pressure on the toes, particularly if you suffer from bunion pain. If there is a fracture you may be required to wear a cast to immobilise the joint. Don’t continue to run with a sore toe. Repeated impacts will only aggravate the injury and cause further damage. 

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