How runners can cut hundreds of empty daily calories

How runners can cut hundreds of empty daily calories

Maybe you’re trying to lose some extra pounds and you want to complement your running with some smart dietary choices. Or perhaps you want to improve your running times and get a new PB.

Either way, there are plenty of ways you can swap some daily food choices to end up with better results. Making every calorie count nutritionally should translate to better times on the clock and more effective training and weight loss. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your running nutrition plan going forward.


Go nuts

Instead of reaching for that bag of crisps, take a handful of nuts instead. Where crisps are likely to be loaded with salt and not much else, nuts come with natural vitamins and good fats to help keep you full, so are a smart diet choice for runners.


Take it easy (on the drinks)

When you flood your system with alcohol, your body will reach to burn those calories off before it seeks out any food- or fat-based calories. It’s very easy to overdo it (never mind the morning-after effects). Be smart and stick to one or two drinks on a night out. You’ll be less likely to grab that kebab on the way home, too.


Slow it down (at the table)

You want a good pace when you’re running but not when you’re eating. People who eat quickly tend to eat more calories and report feeling less content after the meal. Slow down, chew your food well, and keep a glass of water by your plate. You’ll be better hydrated and satiated.


Swap beef for mushrooms

Hearty mushrooms can make an able replacement for beef in stews, curries and even burger patties. They are far less calorie-dense, have almost no fat and are loaded with great nutrients. If you can’t bear the thought of going meatless, consider lowering the amount of beef occasionally and topping up with portobello or button mushrooms. This is a great tip to add into your weekly or monthly running nutrition plan.


Pay attention

This goes hand in hand with slowing down. If you pay attention to the food you’re eating, you’re more likely to notice when you’re full. Chew properly and appreciate the flavours. If you’re distracted you’re more likely to feel unsatisfied and reach for a sugary or salty treat to top it off and ruin your running diet in the process.


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