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12 ways running can help you live a better life

If you’re already a regular runner, you might recognise some of the ways that getting into a running lifestyle can really improve other areas of your life. If you’re not a regular runner, check out the list, and get cracking – these benefits can be yours, too! 


Get outside 


This is your chance to step outside and notice the fresh air and greenery all around you. If you work in an office, it might be the only fresh air you get all day. 


Help others 


Raise money for charities by doing charity fun runs, or invite a friend to join you in a run. If someone’s having a tough time, some exercise and good company can really help. 


Morning high 


Get the blood pumping and feel great before you’ve even had breakfast. Bonus point: runners are rarely late to morning meetings because they’ve been up since 5am anyway. 


It’s better than meditation 


Well, we think so, especially when it comes to burning through anger or other negative feelings. Run them out and you’ll feel much calmer. 


Time alone 


Harness the running lifestyle – if the kids, your spouse or your flatmates are driving you crazy, just say, ‘I’m heading out for a run’ and grab the space you need. 


…Or time with others 


Of course, if you’re looking to develop good relationships with your family, running together can increase bonds (and overall family health, too). 


Develop self-management skills 


Before you get addicted to the running lifestyle, you’ve got to develop the discipline to stick with a routine. You can transfer that skill to other areas of your life. 


Increased body confidence 


Run for a while and you’ll notice your butt firming up, your body fat dropping and your calf muscles will be positively pumping. When you look great, you feel great. 


Eat what you like 


Don’t worry so much about the calories – you’ll burn it off in the morning. Say yes to office birthday cake or a full English without guilt. 


Save your money 


For something special – you won’t be spending it on gym fees after all. Of course, there is the temptation to grab the latest release of running shoes… 


Boost health 


Improve your vision, bone density, heart health, libido, muscle tone, body weight, circulation, skin and immune system, all with one activity. 




A cheeky one to finish up – many competitions come with a free singlet, pedometer or wristband for participating. Kit out your running wardrobe, one race at a time. 


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