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What is the 10 20 30 running concept?

Interval training has hit new levels of popularity in recent years, and no wonder. It promises fast results with just short, intense bouts of activity – a much more attractive prospect than spending hours grinding a workout, right? 


The only trouble is, it seems most people don’t quite understand the level of intensity that’s required to really see the results of a correctly applied interval workout. The brief period of time requires an almost vomit-inducing level of effort, otherwise the results just aren’t going to be there. It’s enough to make most people give up. They don’t push hard enough and then feel discouraged when the results don’t show. 


To combat this frustrating misunderstanding, Danish researchers have created an interval training running concept called 10 20 30. It’s a simple interval training program that gradually increases the effort invested during the workout. This lets the body really feel the differences between levels of intensity, which provides feedback about how hard a person is really working. 


It works like this: run or jog at a reasonable pace for thirty seconds. Run faster for 20 seconds, and then put in 100% effort for an all-out sprint for 10 seconds. Complete that set 5 times, then take a 2-minute rest followed by 5 more sets. You can stand still during the rest period but it may be better for you to at least walk to keep your body warm. 


Those 12 minutes are going to be enough to fire up your muscles and give your cardio vascular system a good workout. If done correctly, this running concept should leave you exhausted, so schedule any strength exercises before you try this. 


Factor a workout like this into your training schedule once or twice a week on non-consecutive days for the best results. You’ll need the time off to encourage recovery. You can do gentle movement like yoga, swimming or walking if you feel the need to move. 


Try the 10 20 30 running concept and measure your results. As you improve, you can sprint longer distances during the 10 second interval. It’s a great confidence boost and will support your training efforts across the rest of the week. 


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