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How running belts can help you with long distance running

Being able to run while holding onto your keys or phone, let alone other necessities such a water bottle, is not always the easiest task. While a lot of activewear today comes equipped with pockets, they may be too small or just too uncomfortable to run with. Running belts are the practical solution for storing all your hydration essentials, energy gels, or smartphone. This article will give you a handle on finding the best running belt to suit your needs.

How to choose a running belt

If you run for fitness, a lightweight, slim-line running belt can hold a limited amount of storage that’s sufficient to keep you going, bounce-free. If you are running a marathon, you can attach your race number to the belt material which is more comfortable than wearing it, and also saves you from making holes in your apparel.

The storage pouch is expandable to contain everything you need to keep you going, and if you have disposable energy gels and hydration packs, you can collapse the pouch along the way as you use up your supplies.

Some useful features to look for when purchasing a running belt are;

  • a quick release buckle allowing you to remove the belt literally on the run
  • reflectors for low visibility
  • dividers to organise items within the pouch
  • the ability to adjust the belt for a customised fit
  • expandable pocket for extra storage

Running packs

The slim design of running belts can be misleading, but don’t be fooled – they can expand to fit larger items. However, if there are a few bulkier items you might be carrying, then a running pack or pouch may be a better option. They come in various sizes, from small to large, and often have belt loops for securing extra water bottles. If you’re running long distances, a running pack can better accommodate a greater amount, or simply bulkier, supplies.

Whatever your needs, you can have a more comfortable, effective run with a running belt or running pack. Being able to run hands-free, effortlessly, is a freedom that allows you greater focus thereby improving the quality of your run. Assess the parameters of your workout and running terrain to determine which storage solution is best for you when deciding what kind of running belt or pouch suits your requirements.