Are running insoles only of use for runners with injury problems?

Are running insoles only of use for runners with injury problems?

Runners with injury problems have diverse needs. Some injuries are acute and will need intervention from doctors or physiotherapists. But what about those niggling uncomfortable injuries that don’t get in the way, but do make life difficult? What happens if you don’t have any injury problems but you’re thinking about how to make running more comfortable? Running insoles can certainly help runners with injury problems but they may be able to help other runners, too.

What are insoles and what can they do?

Insoles, orthotics or custom orthotic devices are shaped inserts that slip into your shoes. Some are designed to correct gait, posture or foot shape. Others provide cushioning and comfort. Insoles can be used in regular every day shoes or in sports shoes. Specialised performance insoles can also be used to enhance running performance.

When should you use insoles?

Insoles should not be limited to runners with injury problems. Anyone looking to reduce the shock impact of regular road running or see increases in running speed should investigate performance insoles. The right ones can reduce fatigue and improve performance, as well as increasing the lifespan of your shoes.

Runners with injury problems will likely find insoles to be supportive and can correct gait problems such as over- or under-pronation (rolled in or out feet). Chronic injuries that develop over time, such as plantar fasciitis or runners knee may be avoided by using insoles as a preventative. If you do have a long-term running injury, using insoles may help to get you back on the roads faster.

Runners who have no problems with their feet, ankles, knees or hips can still benefit from using insoles, particularly if they are looking to see improvements in their race times. Training with a pair of sports performance insoles can make a significant difference to energy return and overall shoe performance.

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